We have taken a flatwater racing SUP hull shape and morphed it with the ability to carry gear internally in watertight compartments. Its wave piercing bow shape allows it to cut into waves efficiently. Its lightweight kit construction allows it to be built lighter than most Carbon Fiber race boards. Its design allows the builder to fine tune the rocker profile to their exact weight and target conditions, where as a store bought board will always be a compromise.
Each board comes in multiple widths. You can choose a wider board that will be a comfy cruiser or a narrower board that is faster and will push you into a new level of performance.
Their light weight will be an asset each time you carry the board down to the water.
The Splinter’s hollow construction has dry hatches and watertight compartments that will allow you to pack for multiday island hopping adventures. The internal storage is also a huge asset when out for a day paddle as a convinient place to stash some snacks, water, an extra layer, or even a book to read when you get to that distant shore.
Easy to build stitch and glue construction using Paulownia Plywood which is one of the most sustainable woods in the world.